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There is much to be said on proper tree trimming, but here are just 3 things we recommend you look for when hiring a professional to get your trees trimmed.

1. Leaving Absolutely No Stubs on a Tree


   Improper trimming can lead to stubs. A stub is like an open wound on the tree that cannot heal. When a stub is left on a tree, one of two things typically occur; either water settles on the top of the stub and decay starts to spread into the tree, or the tree springs out multiple branches to try to keep water from settling on the stub. All cuts should be made back to the collar of a branch where a lateral branch is found.

2. Make Sure the Tree is Balanced 

    Trees in south Florida have plenty of space to grow. This causes them to seek sunlight, spreading in every direction. In order to keep them balanced and encourage vertical, rather than horizontal growth, we need to train them. It is common to see very large branches over-hanging a roof, driveway and sidewalks creating a hazardous situation. There is a lot of stress at the union of these large branches which often times causes a split and fall. We spot these unbalances early and we subordinate these branches thru proper pruning to ensure branches do not rip from the trunk of the tree.

3. Lift and Thin Trees for Storm Prep and Road Clearance 

   Removing branches from the inside of the tree allows air to circulate through the tree. This is imperative to help prevent strong winds from blowing trees over during storms. This practice also allows more sunlight for healthier grass. Lifting lower hanging branches gives clearance for vehicles, trucks and pedestrians, as well as insuring the safety and longevity of your trees.

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